The A/T Tradition

A/T Transportation LLC is a growing company that was founded in 2006 on the basis of safety, timely deliveries, customer service and respect to employees and their families. We pride ourselves as a family owned company that is looking for growth while maintaining our focus on dedicated service to our customers. We are concentrating on the expansion of the company, but in a manner which allows us to maintain our most important principle…customer satisfaction. The people of A/T Transportation go above and beyond to ensure the company's success. It is our mission to set forth the highest standards of service in our industry by ensuring timely deliveries, in a safe and respectful manner.

Our company is comprised of a highly qualified staff, late model equipment, and a superb knowledge of the transportation industry that has solidified our reputation of exceptional service and trust in our trade... Read more.


Less than truckload shipping (LTL) is the transportation of relatively small freight. Parcel carriers usually handle small packages and freight that can be broken down into units less than 150 pounds.

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5 Automated Logistics

Automated Logistics LLC was established in 2006 along with its counterpart A/T Transportation LLC. We broker loads to reputable carriers and ensure timely deliveries. Automated Logistics brokers over 30 loads a week.

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@ Berg's Big Truck Shop

Berg's Big Truck Service & Service Truck built their garage with the expansion of A/T Transportation to their new location. We have a large service garage which is equipped to handle any type of large equipment.

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The dedicated staff, latest equipment, and knowledge of the trucking industry make A/T Transportation one of the most trusted and rapidly expanding trucking companies of the future.


See what others have to say about us
"I have to say I picked the right company to work for I feel respected and get home once a week without any issues the miles add up and I never worry about sitting waiting for my load I couldn't ask for a better company to drive OTR" - Robert B.
"I am still driving for A/T, I love this company, everybody here looks out for one another" - Tyler Y.
"I've been here 5 years, pay is good, benefits are good, miles and home time are good. Mark Hagedorn has the only company that I have found that does exactly what they tell you and stands behind it." - Jason B.
"Good place to work, I work there now and love it. It is good money and a lot of miles, good people and good trucks" - Kenny L.