When time matters most,
A/T Transportation safely delivers.

We pride ourselves as a growing company focused on dedicated service.  We are focused on the expansion of the company, but in a manner which allows us to keep sight of what really matters……customer satisfaction.  The people of A/T Transportation go above and beyond to ensure the company’s success!

Founded in 2006, A/T Transportation LLC is a trucking company focused on the basis of safety, timely deliveries, customer service and respect for employees and their families.  Originally founded under the name Automated Transportation LLC, we started with 3 trucks and 5 trailers.  Now, have grown to 63 trucks and 158 trailers and over 75 employees including drivers and office personnel.  We also accommodate independent contractors who may have their own truck.  We completed our new offices and maintenance shop in the spring of 2012.

It is the mission of A/T Transportation to set forth the highest standards of service in the trucking industry by ensuring customer satisfaction and exceptional service.

The dedicated staff, latest equipment, and knowledge of the trucking industry make A/T Transportation one of the most trusted and rapidly expanding trucking companies of the future.  Our ultimate goal is to expand our company, while maintaining our excellent service with our customers, focusing on the basis of trust and loyalty.  We have also expanded our permit base to allow us to transport alcoholic beverages.  Let our bright future help your company grow efficiently.


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